Osage Community Cemetery

Old Burials

Cemetery Map

A map of the cemetery has been divided into the eight sections shown below. These section images can be used in two ways:

  • Either by clicking the top of the section map where it has the section number (example: Section 8, NW Corner) which opens a larger image of that section.
  • OR
  • By clicking on a gravesite image on a section map below which will take you to the Map Linked Alphabetical Listing by Name page with tombstone and other information on that person.

Map Legend:

  • single gravestoneGrave 4' x 6'
  • Questionable grave based on presence of stonesQuestionable grave based on presence of stone/brick alignment
  • single grave headstoneSingle grave headstone
  • multigrave headstoneMulitgrave headstone
  • grave with footstoneGrave with footstone (FS)
  • multi-gravestone in enclosureRail or cement outline of group of graves
  • sandstone markerSandstone grave marker
  • treeTree base
    • P = Pecan
    • C = Cedar
    • H = Hackberry
    • CM = Crape Myrtle
    • WO = Water Oak

cemetery section 8 Cemtery Section 8 David, Betty, and Kenneth Wheeler cemetery section 7 Cemtery Section 7 Warren and Ruth Goode James and Cynthia Koehl Grace Bowdon Rosewall Robert O. Rosewall Elizabeth B. Rosewall George and Joyce Goode
cemetery section 6 Cemtery Section 6 Laura Alice Miller Tolleson Sov V. A. Tolleson F. C. and Elizabeth Campbell Robert D. Shaw Hubbard Shaw cemetery section 5 Cemtery Section 5 Marie A. Feyrer Bertha and Albert Addicks Hardy Jefferson McMillan Elizabeth B. Joyce Watson Jas. H. Fisher M.E., Sarah, L.M., and Clara Newsom P.B. Watson, C.M. Watson, Madge Jones, Eva Watson Jones Gail B. Kolberg Winifred K. Watson William H. Fisher Willie and Lottie Harrell
cemetery section 4 Cemtery Section 4 Cataline C. Jones E.A. Jones Sarah E. Campbell Mrs. E.T. Kimbrough Infant Shaw W.S. Wilson Henry C. Thomas Martha York H.S. Coble Calvin York C.J. Wilson Lettie K. McMillan Williamson McMillan J.S. Taylor Waymond W. Taylor F.E. Caldwell Frank L. Shaw Robert H. Shaw Truman and Liza McMahan Hatch York Peter Nave Robert L. Thomas cemetery section 3 Cemtery Section 3 Mrs. A Denton Nancy Harrell T.J. Grace J.C. Goode W.J. McMillan John Heinson James McLeary Gideon B. McLeary Emanuel Graves Rebecca Elinder Graves John Graves
cemetery section 2 Cemtery Section 2 Annie T. McNeill James A. McNeill George S. and Eleanor A. Chapman Sarah Taylor Ida, Ora, and Adella Hicks Winnie A. Moore Charlie B. Moore Aletha P. Moore Henry Moore John Y. Matthews Eder Matthews Olga Willie Taylor Thomas John Taylor Daniel H. Wilson Mary Colquest Julia Willie Taylor James August Taylor William H. and Rose Lea Taylor F.D. and Elizabeth Moore Charles A. Colquest Susannah M. Taylor-Wilson Leon Taylor William W. Wilson William L. Williford Francis Drake Moore cemetery section 1 Cemtery Section 1 Phebe Shaw Mary R. Harris John B. and John N. Harris Charlotta E. Burford Charlotta E. (dau) Burford F.M. Burford Cordelia A. Burford Melmuth H. Moore James B. Moore R.F. Burford Sallie F. Bock Harmon L. Bock Arthur Lee Burford Willie Burford Infant Son of WT and MR Burford Luther L. Graves Bettie Graves Alice Goode Obe and Pauline H. Goode James Allen Goode Ollie and Ira McMillan James and Eliza McMillan Sarah Fay Campbell John J. and Amey L. Campbell George R. Blair Lester Blair Florence N. Blair Elmer D. Blair Unknown Gravesites Monument