Osage Community Cemetery Meeting


First General Meeting - March 16, 2013

Friends and family gathered at the Osage Community Cemetery for fellowship and discussion following a talk given by David Hahn on the history of the area and the cemetery. His informative talk covered the development of the cemetery from the very first burial in 1860 to the present day. Highlighted in the talk was the need to continue to maintain and improve the cemetery. Many things need to be done including the efforts made to obtain an historical marker, but the most urgent need discussed was the dead trees that continue to drop limbs among the tombstones. Many visitors made suggestions concerning this problem, and a group is going to proceed with starting to take out dead limbs. Another concern discussed was the maintenance of the cemetery, and a workday is planned for June 8, 2013 at 10 AM to deal with that need. Mention was made of the procedures to be buried in the cemetery, and those suggestions will be considered as the board works on a set of guidelines. Donations were collected, and the treasurer will see that those funds are used in the best possible way to help the cemetery. Donations are welcomed at any time sent to the P O Box in Columbus.

Sign in table.
Settling in for the meeting.
The speach.
Visiting before leaving.