Osage Community Cemetery


A Condensed History of Osage, TX

The Osage settlement was founded about 1856 on the north and middle forks of Harvey Creek. Dr. Samuel Davies McLeary is credited with naming the settlement Osage due to the abundance of Bois d'arc, Osage Orange, trees in the area. When the Civil War began, Osage and other communities mustered men and horses to form Company A, Fifth Texas Cavalry, CSA. A Confederate post office was opened in 1862. A school was opened by E. B. Carruth in 1874 and became well known in the area for its curriculum. The school house was also used for religious services. There being no regular minister, the missionaries, evangelists, and circuit riders of all denominations preached and held services in the same building.

The Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad arrived in 1873 laying tracks about four miles from Osage. The town of Weimar was built by the railroad drawing residents and businesses from Osage to resettle in Weimar so they could have access to the railroad. All of Osage's businesses were gone by 1900 leaving scattered homes and ranching operations.

The Osage Community Cemetery, map to cemetery, served and continues to serve the Osage community today. The earliest known burial is 1860. Descendents of those buried in the cemetery have maintained the cemetery grounds. An Osage Community Cemetery association was started in 2006 to help provide for the care and maintenance of the Osage Community Cemetery and to foster interest in its grounds, grave sites, historical significance and preservation.

In 2016 the cemetery received its Historical Texas Cemetery certificate issued by the Texas Historical Commission. In 2017 a fund drive raised money for a historical marker. The Osage Community Cemetery Texas Historical Marker dedicated on April 28, 2018.

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